Undergraduate Supervision

Bachelor Thesis 2014 entitled “Does the human brain represent numerical magnitude in an abstract way? A multimodal fMRI study”.

Bachelor Thesis 2014 entitled “Mangelndes Verständnis für Zahlenmengen:  Die Erhebung basisnumerischer Fähigkeiten zur frühzeitigen Diagnose von Dyskalkulie”.

Bachelor Thesis 2014 entitled “Spatial Characteristics of Number and Time: On their origin and cultural manifestations”.

Senior Honors Thesis 2012, entitled “Reliability and Convergent Validity of the Numerical Distance Effect and Priming Distance Effect”, awarded the UWO McClelland Award for the best 4th – year honors thesis 2012.

Senior Honors Thesis 2010 entitled “Numerical Magnitude and Order Representations in 1st and 2nd Grade Children” . Student went on to complete graduate work at University College London, UK.


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